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Mergers and Acquisitions, humanized.

Being human means making both financial and emotional life decisions. Why should acquiring or selling your business be any different?




Listen in to the latest tips and steps to structuring your business, how to structure your Letter of Intent (LOI), understanding the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and all the steps involved in acquiring or selling a business. 


My First Seven

About MyFirstSeven

We focus on small business acquisitions, creating entrepreneurs in a different way. It's about access, mobility and freedom. Become the owner of a successful, cash flowing business in a way that didn't start with a high risk start-up.

We help connect owners of very successful, established companies needing to sell with young, ambitious buyers who are wanting to buy their first, second or seventh businesses and focus on growth. 

MyFirstSeven was founded after 12 years of learning how to identify, approach, enter, negotiate and close deals that resulted in the ownership of established, privately held small businesses - closing acquisitions worth millions. 

Taking something that is routinely performed by upper class professionals at investment banks and private equity firms, and making it accessible to the small business environment is our major goal. We aim to humanize small business acquisition and apply that same hidden knowledge to bridge to your own financial freedom.


About Chris Popoff

About Chris Popoff

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

Chris finds himself as a 30 something, recovering engineer caught between a bizarre cultural battle of baby boomers and millennials. Wondering if this is the right place to be, or to raise his children, and what he actually adds to the world. 

As a good friend wrote on the reflection of his 36th, he finds himself in a blank space between where he thought he'd need a lifetime to achieve and what narrative to pick up next. 

Let's do some amazing things together.