Nature of the opportunity

Conversion of what is possible, into what is.

My life changed forever when I was taught that you could become the owner of a successful, cash flowing business in a way that didn't involve a high risk start-up with an original idea, or reasonable facsimile thereof, only to navigate the valley of death into a niche with longevity. 

That path was small business acquisitions.

Our world is undergoing a number of changes, and one of them is a multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer opportunity where baby boomers who are also the owners of very successful, established companies need to sell.

This just happens to coincide with an unprecedented condition of low cost, highly accessible capital. The only thing missing is a willing operator. Who is going to take this over?

I've put my hand up as an answer to that question. And so can you.



Hidden Knowledge

I was fortunate to grow up in a place, at a time, with an identity that was lifted by factors much outside of my control. But I was never inside. And I knew it. But still, I always wanted in. Not knowing what that meant, but letting that feeling influence how I felt, thought and showed up in the world.  Eventually, by continually showing up I was able to learn that many of those barriers were imagined.

Jumping from a comfortable working middle class upbringing, I was able to use education as a pathway into the professional middle class as an engineer working for the oil and gas industry.  It wasn't what I thought it would be.

For many reasons, that culture turned out to not be for me. But I did love the people, the technology, and the connection to generating real value with time in natural environment. Shaping ideas into reality with tremendous resources behind those imaginations. But to what end? There always seemed to be a disconnect between the risk of trading the best years of your life serving a non-guaranteed future with limited upside and an unclear purpose. Frankly... what the hell was I doing?

After getting very lucky to fall into an accidental apprenticeship that not only opened my eyes to the opportunity of small business acquisition, and the thrilling lifestyle it provides, I spent a good 12 years of my young career learning how to identify, approach, enter, negotiate and close deals that result in the ownership of established, privately held small businesses. 

It turns out that this is work that is routinely performed by upper class professionals at investment banks, private equity firms, and so on. And that work is handsomely rewarded as deals in the hundreds of millions and billions of dollars are closed and commissioned. 

But I'm talking about applying that same hidden knowledge base into the 7 - 8 figure valuation space as a bridge to your own financial freedom. 


Chris Popoff, MFS

A Declaration of Intention

Following this process is how I made MyFirstSeven figures, but on the other side of that totally arbitrary milestone created in the mind of a child wounded by witnessing his single mother struggle with her relationships with work and money, I learned there was so much more possible than being driven by the financial incentive. 

So as I continue my own journey to humanize small business acquisition, I'd like to teach you the same and grow together. 

Step up, take a swing, manage your downside. 

Wasn't it time you dealt in good faith, under the pretence of trust, mutual gain and perspective?