Eliminate the heavy search.

Avoid the extensive search for potential buyers.

Financial Packaging

Financial Packaging made easy.

We'll package your business finances to reflect your goals.

Simple workflow

Streamline the process.

Gain support and guidance through the transaction process.


Start the process in a few steps


Step 1: Connect

Tell me your story and where you’re looking to go. How did you get here? What’s your proudest business moment? What's motivating you to sell? Disclose in solid confidence.


Step 2: Financial Review

The mark of any good, valuable business is how you treat the details. Our experts carry 3-5 years of financial solidity and will help you determine your business’ value and the best direction to take in selling you business.


Step 3: Value and offer

We do the search to match your valuation and develop potential payment terms that match your business. We'll discuss the risks and transition considerations with you, and plan to help you get the deal that's right for you.



What you get with MyFirstSeven


Initial offer after review.

Get an offer before you even hit the market. Once we’re a good fit, you’ll get an offer right after review. If we aren’t, we’ll help you prepare and setup to find the perfect buyer out there for you and your legacy.


No outrageous pricing or fees.

Let’s skip the five-figure valuation or the market packaging and preparation fees for something a little more feasible. We’re not trying to burn a hole in your pocket. We’re trying to be realistic and we’re trying to bring onboard great prospects and investors who will actually take your business seriously, run your business seriously and give you the financial rewards you deserve. We don’t just take into account the financial decisions, but the emotional ones too.


No exclusivity required.

I either get the job done, or I don’t. You’re not tied to me and neither should you be. We collaborate with buyer’s agents, and share in the success of a trade well done.


Real Deals only.

It’s all about real deals that provide real value to all stakeholders involved. A good transaction is one where the business has a valuation where the buyer is willing to pay, the seller is willing to accept and the risk and rewards are balanced. It’s our sweet spot. Anything else is suboptimal, emotionally jarring and frankly, a bad deal. Let’s avoid going down that road.


Easy access to our buyer’s network.

We lead with a buyer’s network first. What does that mean? No absent investors. No arms-length banks or funds. Just real people like you, wanting the chance to do something meaningful with their work and are wise enough to avoid the automatic risks of a startup. After all, running an established business is already hard enough, right?